Solid Chemical products (Non Chemical)

Cooling tower

Boiler treatment

Wastewater treatment

Maintenance (at present):

                Cost by hassle

                Heavy chemicals dosing

                How much chemicals dosing?

                Upsurge in operational cost

Benefit (after installation of new products):

                50% save blowdown water

                Zero chemicals

                Environment friendly

                Reduce STP treatment cost

                Reduce operational cost

                Improve workspace safety

                Reduce maintenance downtime

                Enhance cooling tower performance

                ROI < 2 years

                Improve water quality

                Improve air quality


                Cooling Tower

                Closed Chilled Loops

                Steam Boilers

                Condensate Lines

                Hot water Boilers


                Feed and Control system

                Potable / Process water

                Heat Exchangers

                Thermal storage Tank


Minimize Vs Maximize:


                Water, Energy and Chemical usage

                Corrosion, Scale and Microbiological growth

                Water related operation costs

                Production downtime


                System life

                System efficiency

                System reliability

                Health and Safety


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