We are authorised supplier for cleaning and hygiene products

We utilise innovation and sustainability to help our customers protect people and the environment by creating the world’s cleanest and safest workplaces and communities.


We source cleaning & hygiene products and ensure they are delivered on time so that facility management teams can create safe and clean environments that protect people whilst they are away from home.

Buzil Rossari Private Limited is a joint venture between Buzil WERK Wagner GmbH & Co KG and Rossari Biotech Limited. Incorporated in December 2013, Buzil Rossari offers Cleaning and Hygiene solutions to customers in SAARC/South Asian Countries from its establishment in Mumbai, India. 

Rossari Biotech is headquartered in Mumbai with its manufacturing plant in Dadra & Nagar Haveli producing 40,000 TPA of specialty chemicals and an extensive know-how in the field of textile and laundry as well as the production technology and capacity.

As part of the Buzil Rossari, one of the fastest growing distribution in India.

We know what you need and we can offer the perfect solution

1. Surface           2. Sanitary          3. Floor               4. Disinfection

5. Kitchen           6. Laundry           7. Equipment       8. Special

Application Methods

  • Dish wash

  • Manual surface cleaning

  • Manual floor treatment

  • Manual glass and window cleaning

  • Surface protection, floor coating

  • Apply with high or low pressure cleaning device

  • Apply with foam gun

  • Apply with spray extraction device

  • Apply with scrubbing machine

  • Apply with spray process

  • Form spraying

  • Drain

  • Usage for hand cleaning and hand care

We have lunched products in the following details for CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) 

  • Hand wash

  • Hand disinfection

  • Floor cleaner and sanitizer

  • QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compound)

  • High level disinfection

  • Mild general land wash

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List of products

for COVID-19

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